Friday, 26 August 2016

Everything you need to know about time and attendance software

Time and attendance machines or software are those kinds of digital devices which allow employees to clock in and out using time clocks and internet based systems. These devices are not only convenient for use of employees but extremely important and useful for employers or business owners as well.  All the data that is collected by these machines is directly fed into the devices of the employers over cloud servers such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and others.  The fact that these systems seamlessly transfer the data into payroll is definitely the biggest advantage and reduces the need for manpower to separately calculate the working hours. The following is some more useful information on such systems.
  • Besides tracking when employees come and go from the workspace, these systems fulfill many other purposes such as monitoring mobile employees through geofencing and geolocation.
  • Time attendance systems like fingerprint time attendance totally dismiss the possibility of proxy attendance since they are biometric in nature and thus foolproof.
  • These devices give real time data on who is working, who is not working and also the information on who is working less than designated time and who is doing overtime.
  • They help to create employee schedules and enable workplace owners to establish whether more working hours lead to more productivity or not.
  • Time and attendance devices provide managers consolidated data with detailed labor report and this in nature takes a lot of burden off the shoulders of payroll managers.
  • Not only are these systems useful for business owners or employers but also for employees themselves since they can prove when they entered office, when they left and how much time they gave to work each day, if required.
  • There is no need for maintaining these systems through continuous manpower since they just need a onetime installation and then a few services. This decreases employee salary cost as well as overall costs as well.
  • Moreover, such devices increase productivity of a workplace since employees try to reach work on time and give maximum possible attendance.
  • They eliminate the need for manual employee cards or time cards and this is definitely the biggest advantage that they offer. All data is collected electronically and there is no scope of any errors in calculations.
So now that you know the various details about time and attendance software, you too must get one installed at your office. If you are looking for such a device in Australia, you can log on to and go through the list of the various advanced devices within this category of products, suiting your budget and requirement.

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