Tuesday, 24 January 2017

What is buddy punching and how to prevent it?

Buddy punching is a common practice in workplaces wherein employees punch in or clock in for their colleagues and hence help them secure their attendance and hence their pay. This practice is not just related to dishonesty but also forces workplaces across the globe to pay more than they need to pay their employees and hence means huge losses. To curb it or check it, many methods are tried by workplace owners since if left unchecked; it can mean great disorder and less work efficiency. If you wish to know the ways to prevent it, you can go through the following given information:

Employee time clocks

Employee time clock AU is definitely one of the best ways to prevent buddy punching and has been working efficiently in many big and small workplaces and offices. Employee time clocks are basically those devices wherein the employee needs to clock themselves in using either ID cards or punch cards. By doing so, the time clock starts and only stops until the employee clocks himself out. This helps to record the total work time and also the payroll for every month. This method prevents buddy punching and hence helps workplace owners in a big way.

Biometric time clocks

Another brilliant way to prevent buddy punching is using biometric time clocks. Biometric time clocks are even more effective than employee time clocks since they make use of biometric features like fingerprints or eye scans to clock in and out employees. There is no way to compromise such a device and hence it is becoming an increasingly popular method of calculating time and attendance of employees. Such devices are available in many forms, depending upon the biometric feature being used to clock in and clock out employees.

Proximity time clocks

Proximity time clocks too are a form of time clocks which clock in and out employees and help prevent buddy punching in a great way. In the case of such devices, employees just need to keep their card or ID close the machine at a certain distance and it detects and scans it to clock in and out the employees. These time clocks are easy to use but relatively old in terms of the technology used.

These products improve workplace efficiency and improve accuracy of attendance at workplaces. They improve the overall security for a workplace and there is thus a significant reduction in payroll and other overhead costs. These also help improve employee productivity and hence overall business productivity and are hence a must have these days. To buy one for yourself in Sydney, Australia, you can log on to uAttend AU.

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